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Jul. 19th, 2009


bye bye myspace

So I've been going back and forth on it today and I've come to the conclusion that myspace has seriously become more of a chore than a chance to socialize with the people I care about. I'd rather do that in real life. So I'm going to be deleting my myspace page tonight. I'll still be on facebook and I'll be keeping my music profile too, but I'm almost never on that one. Everyone tells me I should just keep my page but honestly, its kind of something I need to do. I went through and re-read a lot of old comments and mail and stuff... I've got things there from almost 6 years ago. And the blogs, oh man the blogs. I used to blog all the damn time. SO what I did was transfer some of the blogs onto here. Anything pretty much before 2007 is probably from Myspace. So much drama on there. Practically the entirety of my relationship with tiger is on there. well, Its amazing how many people have come and gone through my life. So many I would never even have remembered if not for those small bundles of words. Thats the only thing that kind of makes me sad to do it. But really. Who fucking needs myspace. I waste too much time as it is. I don't need another excuse. There's still Facebook. and like I said my music page is still around there.

Jun. 25th, 2009


Annie are you ok?

Sad about MJ. Tanie reminded me how i used to put the thriller RECORD on and dance around with a sheet as a cape. Apparently I knew the whole damn routine. I guess as a kid, like to so many, he was my idol.

Micheal Hernandez: tanie just texted me
Micheal Hernandez: he said that he just remembered you singing human nature when your were little.
gabriel_brave: ....
gabriel_brave: dude
gabriel_brave: i was really into MJ as a kid
Micheal Hernandez: sigh
Micheal Hernandez: sux
gabriel_brave: I keep getting sadder and sadder
gabriel_brave: its starting to feel like i've lost a friend that i haven't spoken to since middle school.
Micheal Hernandez: just another piece of your childhood fading away.
gabriel_brave: ....do not turn this into me turning old thing
gabriel_brave: I'll cut a bitch
Micheal Hernandez: lol
Micheal Hernandez: ok
Micheal Hernandez: i won:t
Micheal Hernandez: lol
Micheal Hernandez: rip MJ
gabriel_brave: OH GOD IM GETTING OLD
Micheal Hernandez: lol
Micheal Hernandez: yea

Jun. 16th, 2009


This has been a presentation from...

What a wild week so far. The partying has been absolutely intense these past few weeks actually, and this weekend was no different. Ever since my older brother decided to move back in to our house (with his girlfriend who is my age no less), I've been doing my best to be out and about as much as possible. This of course has led me to be start smoking out a lot more than usual, and I've been either dancing the night away or having random late night conversations with bondage people. Today was the first day in almost two weeks that I am staying home, much less arriving around 5 am.

One of my good friends has been pushing me to join in on her whole BDSM lifestyle parties and all. So I finally decided to go with her to one of the groups "vanilla" parties, which I guess means its just planning the next group parties and having dinner and being their normal selves. They seem like a great bunch and now that I know they are "human", as Sarah puts it, I'm actually kind of excited to check out the next event. Perverted Prom sounds like it will be good clean fun. I don't think I'll be getting into any real action there, at least not yet, but it will be interesting to see how it all goes down.

Speaking of going down, the drama continues as our dear friend Haaaiiisoos is playing his game. I'm not one to give away secrets but I'm doing my best to steer people in the right direction. It shouldn't take to long for people to start smelling the piles of bullshit homeboy sets himself up in. It goes to show that for most people, they really reap what they sow. It just is a bummer that some quality people are getting caught up in his game. Awww and he tried so hard to convince me that he still has a soul.

Gracie has left to Wyoming officially, and we sent her off in major style by partying the night away at Club Neon in little Tokyo. The scene here has really grown and the night was off the chain. From meeting a cute little Hawaiian boy to hanging out with a random "Oh so Los Angeles" crowd, making friends with a missionary and his peace pipe then enjoying some amazing tacos. The music was incredible, the random lesbian ladies always know how to party and they always gravitate to us when we go there. Had a good time with a senorita named Alex who apparently is only a faux lesbian so she can party in peace, (this did not stop her from trying her fun with me), and of course the drinks were great. I can't wait to see my friend back to make sure we party it even harder throughout the end of summer. I think the only thing that could have made it better was if a certain someone was there with me, but alas, we can't have everything can we? I think I might need to get over this, because if it continues to go nowhere and I continue to crush this hard I'm going to end up a depressed old fag living in Palmdale with my two dogs.

PS did I tell you about the old queens we made friends with? THEY FUCKING RULE! more on them later.

Jun. 3rd, 2009



So I haven't been writing as much as I should be. I guess its time for another one of those update posts I do.

hmmm. ok. so this year I have:Collapse )

Jan. 30th, 2009


kids these days.

my brother and niece got me watching this.






Dec. 16th, 2008


Melt my gameboy heart. <3

wala wala wala walouiiigiiiiii

Dec. 4th, 2008


However this makes everything better.

See more Jack Black videos at Funny or Die

Sep. 2nd, 2008



So, what if you married the last person you kissed?Collapse )

Aug. 16th, 2008


awwww noooooooooo.

just watched Dr. Horrible.

damn... I didn't see that coming but I should have because its joss whedon. Its a love/hate thing.

so I haven't been around for a while yeah?
I know. and I'm sorry. I know you miss me. its ok. I'll be back soon.

I'm, really into MGMT, Black Kids and Does It Offend You, Yeah?
can't wait to see MGMT at the bowl with Beck no less.
I need some good times in my system.

things are getting better.

lets hope it stays with this upswing.

Jun. 6th, 2008


Hellboy Kicks

So I'm usually not a sneaker freak but DAAAMN!
I just saw these shoes coming out in July and I have to have them.

Behold the right kick of DOOOOMCollapse )

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